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how to dim saving energy lamps?

2010-06-14 09:35


As regards the new directives about energy saving, the traditional incandescent bulbs will be replaced with three different lighting sources: new saving halogen lamps, bulbs using LED technology and saving energy fluorescent lamps .

The new halogen bulbs can easily be regulated with standard TECNEL’ dimmer, choosing carefully the power range of the dimmer.

LED bulbs can be controlled with TECNEL’s power led drivers, which are described in the category “LED” of the catalog.


Regarding to saving energy fluorescent lamps “dimmable” TECNEL has developed a new electronic regulator (UNIVERSAL POWER DIMMER cod.TE7631) that allows the regulation of these lamps from a minimum of 18W. Is possible to switch on/off/dim the light just pushing an external push button of every wall serie.


Moreover, the UNIVERSAL POWER DIMMER can be easily programmed in the following products:

     - electronic light dimmer

     - electronic dimmer with memory (the dimmer have the memory of the last light level)

     - dimmer with state memory also controllable with switch and two-way

     - silent electronic relay


In the function dimmer, is possible to dim bulbs, halogen lamps, electronic/toroidal and

electromechanical transformers, power led bulbs and energy saving lamps dimmable, thanks

the electronic of the dimmer that allows to regulate very low loads.


The module is silent and there is no buzzing in the dimmer function thanks to its electronic.

The external push button can be all to phase or neuter.


Dimension: 51x32x18mm.

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